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Careers in Business Sept/Oct Article

During October the students put their communication skills to work in the form of writing a business proposal, which they learned is very different than an essay. They each chose a college they wanted to go to upon graduating high school and researched 20-25 different metrics about that school to educate themselves. Of the students, 70% would still pursue that school but 30% would not largely due to price or high crime rates. 

Going forward they will learn to write different types of “Routine Business Messages” such as: letters showing appreciation, apologies, expressing sympathy, providing directions, creating announcements, and making claims to name a few.  

Students will also be learning how to plan and deliver different types of business presentations including how to properly format a PowerPoint (and not just write in sentences which is a no no!) We will also discuss the proper business casual and business professional attire for different situations. 

Speaking of attire, in the latter half of October the students will begin job shadowing! They will continue to shadow approximately every 2-3 weeks through April 2023 businesses of their choice. They will be putting their business casual attire to the test. They are nervous but each shadowing will be a great experience for them.

CIB II students have been working hard at their internships as well as balancing extracurricular activities and school. We’ve had the opportunity to meet and discuss some of the details surrounding filing FAFSA for those who are college bound. Students are currently writing a career paper and abstract in hopes of learning more about their chosen career field. Our purpose is that students solidify their career choice or realize it’s not what they want to do; therefore, saving themselves and parents time and money in the long run. During October they will continue to work on employability skills, personal statements, and college applications all of which will help them when applying to college or for a job.