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May Article


Wow.  How did this year go by so very quickly?  


Students were a bit surprised as to all of the opportunities Highland has to offer; from Certified Medical Assistant courses (with 2 Full scholarships from Monroe Clinic Hospital), both full and part time Nursing programs, and the fact that they could receive their Bachelor’s of Science of Nursing degree with only 1 extra semester with HCC’s partnership with Northern Illinois University. (An extremely cost effective tactic)

Students were also able to practice Epi-pen injections, mixing “medications”, as well as listening to heart and lungs sounds of the infant mannequin. 

We learned about Deep Brain stimulation for diseases such as Parkinson's, Tourettes, and seizures.  Students were a little shocked that a rather archaic treatment is still used today.  Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is still being used for patients with severe depression when  accompanied with psychosis (especially when depression is not improving with prescribed medications.   It is also used for patients suffering from severe mania, catatonia, as well as those with agitation and aggression (sometimes noted with dementia and for children on the Autism spectrum, again, this is for patients who do not respond to medications)

As HOYA II only meets twice weekly, our days are down to single digits.  We will finish up our body systems with the Reproductive system next week.

Our final is scheduled for May 9th and the review will be on May 4th. We will have a few relaxation/stress relieving exercises to finish up our final days. It has been my pleasure to watch these young adults grow throughout this year. I hope they all remember to "put that glass down" and enjoy life this summer (as in put the little things down, don't hold on to the stress too long or it becomes unbearable).  I can't wait to see the great things they all do in their future!