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HOYA 2 Aug/Sept. Article


HOYA II is off to a great start.  Students passed their state CNA exam over the summer and most are working as CNAs for their Internships.  Some are thinking outside the box and working with FHN to secure some other opportunities.  Students were encouraged to have fun while maintaining their very full plates during this final year of high school.  We will be discussing how stress affects our health and ways to help relieve some of the stress they will definitely be feeling this year.  


Each student will be choosing an employability skill each month that they can work on at their internship site.  They will write a short memo discussing why the skill is important in healthcare and what they specifically did that month to make improvements.  


We learned that health insurance is an important part of our lives, but that it also has many challenges for the customer. We discussed several types of insurance, the difference between Medicare and Medicare advantage plans as well as the importance of having a secondary insurance.   We learned  that the newest drug, Aduhelm, for Alzheimer's disease is not 100% covered by most insurance companies, especially Medicare (which is the primary insurance for our elderly population). The outrageous annual cost of the medication is approximately $56,000 which is out of reach for most of those who truly need it. Someone on Medicare would have to pay 20% ($11,200), unless they have co-insurance.  All of this for a medication that has questionable effects on the disease.


HOYA Instructor,

Lori Steele