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Career & Technical Education Consortium



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The ladies are down to days of their senior year.  I have to say that this year has flown by mainly because this class was such an amazing class. They have worked well together, made a huge impact on the community by spending time with the residents of Hawthorne Inn and handing out flowers to the community as random acts of kindness.  


It has been such a delight to watch each of them grow this year. They have battled with their next steps in life; choosing a college isn’t the easiest thing to do as a senior. The College Choice research project opened their eyes to the pros and cons of each university. But I believe that they have made amazing choices for their next step in their career paths.  


They have worked diligently at their internships while maintaining their school life as well as their social life.  While each student is required 288 hours per year for this course, several students have over 600 hours! Some have changed their career choice as they undertook their internships; finding a passion that will lead them into the next step of their lives.  


We will be finishing up these last few days by “finally” getting to the A&P portions by dissecting deer organs and chicken feet.  We will see how tendons actually work, the anatomy of cardiac tissues, lungs, kidneys, and reproductive organs.   We revisited how tendons work, observed how vascular the liver is, the internal parts of kidneys, the aorta and chordae tendineae of the heart, why and how lungs float in water as well as how large the main bronchus of the lungs truly are.  We also observed the male reproductive system. 


Our final review will continue this week and part of next week as days turn into hours and minutes remaining of one of the best HOYA 2 classes I have had the pleasure of teaching.